Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post- Apocalyptic Thunderbolt from Jimmy "Bones" Nasti


>thank you for the encouragement. I wrote it in 5 minutes and pushedsend. An act of spontaneous madness inspired by your always presentpoetic vision. Any feedback is encouraged. This is a bio....attached is apict enjoy....jimmy Jimmy Bones is Single Present Moment Thinking Only! He lives in thethird time cycle of the forth Kalpa and is guided graciously by histeacher Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. He admires the sun and theunspeakable gentleness upon which this melodrama unfolds. His heartfeltaspiration is to watch all beings fall from the hidden crags of isolationinto the ocean of timelessness. He will remain until that happens. He writes two to five poems per year and is a slack-ass playwrite withseveral incomplete works gathering dust.

> For Frank Walsh
> I'll drown in the oh yes,
> and bow down deep before the last day...
> Kindly be reminded of the secret incomplete.
> A mirror without it's image.
> Hope without fear.
> A dream lost by belief.

> A dew drop volcanic
> captures the sun that dries the leaf
> that hosts the cosmos upon its crumbling corse...
> The gem plucked largely without
> regards fire--tried and true--songs for the crucified.

> "Oh, what could have been thy love."
> The spin sinks the liquid down!
> The hope, lost in joy!
> The pain, mere rind upon freedom!
> Beams from moon orphaned by craving and time.
> Sinister seams delux;
Garments torn by space
> to forget the sad rhymes that sing on the face.
> With lines and lines that wait...

Until the farce turn ripe,
> this veil is thin; the costume tight


> persuade the flame to light a way
> rather than burn it through.

> For you and I
> payment is never due!
> payment is never due!

from an email March 22nd

>It shall be changed to corse thank you for the suggestion. where is
anita staying? the loss of the peacock is a heartbreaker.
life is agony smote in the bliss of love. In such a place our only
crime is resistance. The very source of suffering is resistance to
energies arisen (songs flung like comets from the inner cosmos). All
is god, esspecially the pain. Like they say in tantra: the more fuel,
the hotter the fire. May all become liberation right now! May the
madness of freedom devour the madness of sanity!

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