Thursday, January 1, 2009

carrion as if nothing had happenstance HOPEY KNEW YAH!


That year went out
according to plot
deep down in the open
pit vapors strung
along the strain of paths
still, something came out
flashed for no more
than a second stitched
to the wind and the broken
contract of high noon
steam bells clutched closed
when only deeper midnights could do.

The impossible rattled
in the hollow hands overturned
like dried spiders on their backs when
then and there the tide turned
from a lofty place hidden
from mortal stairs fell
without a sound taken back
into the grave incontinent ground
no one who caught on
would tell their turn
had been cast
the last become first.

Not a single order of execution stayed
to watch how parlor mirrors should trick
by the look on the face of the clocks
the beast set numbered
reservations bursting at the seams so
there will be a place for yours in the end
tonight from now on Frank Sinatra
black and white croons his polished
skull to the furthest extent
of the law as tube fed screens go
turned down as low as drums can stand
bodies to be counted back from the dead . 1/1/09

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