Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some sonnets screwed with and musical improv unanimous is the wiser...

... dedicated to the underground who
are not killing themselves
while lately have you noticed that more and more
of the Literary Establishment savants like

[guitar and "noise" accompaniment: Greg Somers, Ponte Vedra Beach]

most recent, are. dying either by their own hands the hands that feed them the hands that take food outta America's real writers' mouths while taping those mouths shut with silk blindfolds-- either suicide or by dis-eases like bone cancer and other wasting malaise, when the culture underground don't aren't. (maybe because of the rumors of ULAlliance, in large part!)

Another parallel between us and the Beats really and while times are much worse now the same kind of pressures economically and metaphysically may have held us back still even while we push forward with our words and desires resisting making us sharper like coyotes in a city dump

but then the future is undercurrent a riptide tolling the whole world country toward us in its time of need and severe doubt tho perhaps nobody seems to hear or see only as the Twilight Deepens and Kapitalism like hell freezes over

and the Ancestors rise from shallows along the thresholds and their tools and work-skills and outside bets of the immigrants, the orphaned mongrels, guests on Turtle Island catch the drift

and flash filtering upward and through in the glowering of the green wilding fires to the people their beloved and the Creator, Wankan Tanka, perhaps and voices heard and lines breaking on the eye and the American Imagination asks us for this dance.....

all picts on this post courtesy of FDW2008. animal hospital in 900 block of Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Beach.




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