Monday, July 21, 2008

here's a lil' something to celebate Xmas in July

This creature is been published and still is as it's all electronica for the people

on GEORGE SOLOMOS's FILM BANK- FIBA.UK website outta London England.

Check this great site out today by the publisher of ZERO MAGAZINE AND PRESS that in it's day-- the late 40's thru the fifties to the early 80's in Philadelphia -- was more real and less spooky (one of the first ex-pat literary journals to publish Jimmy Baldwin for example) than the cooked Paris Review.

Also this thing published hard wise by the Collective Press newspaper in St. Augustine, FL. as of last week and distributed to independent alternative bookstore and other small businesses and public places. Number 21, as of last week.

Theirs is an alternative deep- progressive issue very similar to West Philly's most satisfying and excellent anarchist THE DEFENESTRATOR but the COLLECTIVE publishes good damn poetry!


There, as well as here,
They’re wondering why
It’s so chilly from coast
To coast? Capitalist Winter
Is underway, people are
Sheep well maybe its time
To seek out and find
The human- being though
People are just another
Word, human is not just
A word, but there’s a difference

In the air and the ocean is
Whipping calling up a storm gale
More than they’re nobody’s used too,
More than they’re amused
two might just be business as usual
All around the world
Food is in demand but no
Problem regards supply under
Handed seeds in lock step
With search and seize and a yearned
Dose of radioactive isotope
Has seen fit to that perfect plant
It’s people’s rout for starving
My gated bunker is darling
Keeps them those humans out
It’s what them folk want
After all while our police

State stands porky and tall
We’ll take suck at the teat of facts smack
Dab [and] faith to keep these people
In their place in the technocratic
Knowhow that things will be
A much hotter, slower pace
In an afterlife beyond time and space.
Nuclear Winter can’t hold
A candle up to the face
Of our spanking new capitalist winter
Coming to a theater near you,
Coming on TV set-up without a clue

And if, if not with a stitch of real food,
At least a battle cry, or a dinking song or two.

Roger Jollie life long advocate and activist for social justice /civil rights and current mayorial candidate of St. Augustine as seen in the LOOSE SCREWS independent bookstore and emporium, holds the poster for director and newest ULA member Matt Broomfield's Unholy Sideshow, the movie.

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