Friday, May 9, 2008

"Star Spangled Poet III"

I wanna, I wanna
wanna be
I wanna wanna be
be-boppin hit the drummin'
hands hittin table
be-boppin eyes closed
sweatin' be
syncopated, baby
be, be, be,
just-a, just-a, just-a,
just-as, just-ass,
justice! justice! justice!
If you don't know this is the shit,
if you don't think this is radical then you
don't know the audience, the rules
the roles you and me supposed to play
Like, I get to be the poet
and you get to be impressed.
Shut out the lights, Nathan,
This gig is over,
entertainment finished,
wasn't it wonderful?
Not really, but it was adequate facsimile
of what used-ta,
used-ta, used-ta,
used to be cool
used to be beautiful
be known as,
and once really was,

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