Monday, April 21, 2008

the 2nd poem and couldn't be more timely.......

still from, "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

Here's a new one I just wrote. Hope you're well.-Michael

ps. What did you think of those books? [3 well tempered chap-books published and available from Mickey G's newly established CovertPress] Dorsey [rad poet/activist of Toledo, Ohio ] said he'd be down with doing a reading. Anyhow the poem:

Free Speech

Free speech is . . .
Free speech is . .
Speech is free .

As long as you
Pay for what
You say later.
And the mans got
His thugs collecting.

Free verse is . . .
Free verse is . .
Verse is free .

Words torn from the source.
Onto the page,
Flowin' every which way.
She told me she'd
Like to be a Poet,
But she can't write
In all that rhyme.
She's a Poet
And she never knew it.

Slow food for thought,
Simmering in the brain.
It's free speech,

And it's free.

march 3, 2008