Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ulf Stefan Lingonblad, a poetry piece

[STEFAN is a native of Sweden who works
two full- time jobs in the Jacksonville Beaches

area of North Florida. He is primarily a novelist
currently at work on his second novel.

Stafan is also an active member
of the North Florida Chapter
of the Florida Writers' Association.

Here is a brief introduction in his own words:]

"Anyhow, I don’t really have much of anything that would be a great fit for the ULA. The stuff I write belongs more in the (hated) mainstream press. But so far no-one has wanted to publish any of it, so what the hey!

I am sending you what is probably the one and only short poetry piece I have that could be a fit (you be the judge).

The bio would be something like:
Stefan – the Swedish Viking, Raider of prose, Rapist of poetry!
My hometown is Strängnäs…. " [out side of Stockholm]

"Fight to Awaken – Fight to See!”

Their Fog-machines put out an impenetrable haze

which shrouds you in


Your thoughts, like petals

off a withering

Rose, shrivel and fall to the ground.

Don’t be afraid to pick them back up,

even though they may have gotten


Chew on them, digest them,


them, then spit them out
into the faces of those who walk

in the fog

together with you.

Those who don't
or react in any way –
forget about them, they are without


But to the others – those who clench their


to strike back at you – shout to them loudly:

“Fight to awaken – Fight to See!”


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