Monday, June 11, 2007



graffiti painting by Bood Samel, the "Tanks", south end of 49th St., 2004

I am thinking out loud and don’t want to imply

there’s any truth in what I tell you except the lie

looms large on the horizon slashed from ear to ear

just happy- faced with the results of terror and fear

has had on the working stiffs and the radical subjective saps

who create to live on the fringe that’s not quite where it’s at

the aliens under the radar pressed into service

by the all consuming Reich of real estate interest

Bagdadadelphia, maybe there’s somewhere healthier

no doubt it’s right to be worried now

there’s a big hole in the ground that won’t be null and void

for long, containers from China, the boats from Vietnam

cheap labour to dig the floor up to fit the fetishes got

under pretext of helping the third world here and there out

of the self fulfilling prophecy with foreign tyrants paid off

to make it look good to the bleeding hearts and ping-pong.

The Buck, the Yen,

a pound of flesh

and requisite dash

of salt under the skin

the stolen artifact

traded for sex

with a starved child

to weak to scream

it’s only another

Nazi Art Vault

come to an immanent domain near you

Spellbinder, hex laid on thick,

if only the Sea Witch knew

she’d give the devil his due

Beep heil, beep heil Nazi Art Vault com’n’ thru!

To a white washed black bottom near you.

Nazi Art Vault’s bigger than a bread-box

but never as large as a Black Hole

(there’s been a change in the zoning code

Beep Heil, beep heil Nazi Art Vault com’n’ thru!

UCD plus PNC is good clean family fun Nazi Art Vault

30th Street Post Office lost leased and Penned in by the tax

payer is Green Zone IRS Nazi Art Vault so is the World Cafe BBC

and the museum of Archeology the poster child of Nazi Art Vaults

Don’t mind the mad poet, don’t shoot the piano player,

nervous ticks, I’m possessed by beautiful Israeli spies

and I work down the Pike digging the Nazi Art Vault

for the absentee landlord and the precious gentrified.

I image you think, I imagine there’s something

not quite right with me and I witness the blistering

shell rise over the skyline Comcast like a gynecologist

high on meta- amphetamine scraping the heat inversion

architectonic, terrorist proof by volume and channel

locks to the degree the TV syndicates want us

to believe in God, in Country and the Nazi Art Vault

com’n’ through loud and clear channel high definition.

The acquisitive consumer could

just as well easily pump the blood

of a dozen Nationalguards men and women

into the gas tank of their SUV

or an Iraqi wedding party into a Hummer

but nothing compares to the capacity

of a spanking new Nazi Art Vault

popping up like poppies all over the Green

Zone phone home for a gold bricking binge.

They maybe the Beautiful People

but we’re better looking than them.

Carnivolution, Ellen Tiberino Memorial Museum. 6.8.07


There's alot of local Philadelphia references here of course and then a casual reader might want to know the why and wherewithall of their inclusion. One needs to do a web search on the various references to get the impact perhaps of the usurpation of the great city's soul (including it's culture underground) by a combination of "conflict of interest" and immanent domain". And good luck in finding anything that is seeing the trees thru the forest! But I think we would all have first hand experience with the purpose of Comcast's erecting towers upon the metropolitan skylines, at least on the East Coast.

Otherwise I beg your forgiveness for the heavy handed polemics.

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